In 2012, Michele’s study of the tarot inspired her to write eleven songs that follow the fool’s journey.    She begins the album with “Harvest Time” that references the fool and the rebirth of Dionysus, who is featured as the fool in the Crowley tarot deck.   The songs are either directly or loosely inspired by the Crowley tarot deck.  In “Dust of the Moon,”  Michele begins the song with a direct visual reference to the Crowley card, “the sun’s in the beetle’s pincers, moving through the night.”  Other songs, such as “Dogs are on the Loose,” are an interpretation of the unrealized potential of the card, or the card in an upside down position.  In “Between the Threads,” Michele makes a direct reference to the entire 78 card tarot deck, “there are 78 cries in a mockingbird’s song.”  The songs resulted in a collaborative recording experience with Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording.

In 1999, she moved to a small island in Denmark called Samsø for a year and a half with music Producer/Engineer Mike Stewart.  While in Denmark, she wrote and recorded the songs on Beyond the Blue in the attic of an old farm house. Many sounds from the island are featured on the album.  For instance, the album begins with Danish church bells from a church built in the 1400s.  The album also features danish musicians like Søren Jacobsen and Anders Haarh.   Michele’s friend Malene Eggers provides danish intros to many of the tunes.

Bones and Dreams is a collection of three different CDs that Michele released in the 1990’s in Austin, Tx during her 20’s. Many of these songs were featured on radio stations in Austin during the 1990s such as KGSR, KUT, and KNAC.  The tracks feature several notable Austin musicians including David Garza, Chris Searles, Jon Dee Graham, Claude McCan, and Oliver Steck.