The Emperor

“Key words: Aries; pioneer, discoverer, leader, initiator;
creative wisdom; great leadership qualities; urge for action,
adventurousness, new beginnings; fatherhood, authority.”
(page 22, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

they’ll take your house
they’ll take your rights
to turn a profit, they’ll take your life
they’ll take your prayers
they’ll take your Christ
to turn a profit, they’ll make him white
they’ll take your taxes
they’ll take your jobs
to turn a profit, they will rob
they’ll take your unions
they’ll take your books
to turn a profit, they’ll be crooks
the dogs are on the loose

they’ll take your votes
they’ll take your health
to turn a profit, increase their wealth
they’ll take your hopes
they’ll take your dreams
to oil the war machine
they’ll take your laws
to live in a corporate state
a hunger
beyond compare
an endless pit beyond repair
the dogs are on the loose

there’s little time before they hit the cold ground
money is no cushion when you are falling down
you can’t take it with you when it’s time to go
the last words will be, “you reap what you sow”
the dogs are on the loose

they’ll take your water
they’ll take your oil
for a profit, they’ll steal the soil
throw you a bone
and insist
that they’re giving you a gift
and what they want is more control
the dogs are on the loose


Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Oliver Steck: accordion

Rob Halverson: bass guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, B3 organ

James Fenner: percussion

Chris Searles: drums

Song written by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX