The Fool

“Key words: openness, trust; ready to take a risk;
courage to stand your ground; freedom, independence;
creativity; great potential; possibility to take a quantum leap;
listening to the heart’s voice.” (page 13, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

my diamond ring went to a pawnshop
bought a green dress that melts to my skin
a new tattoo of a dove and butterfly
flying so high, gonna leave my skin behind
it is harvest time

I spread my life on the front lawn
what didn’t sell, I gave away
the vultures came with their big trucks
and took what I could never love
it is harvest time

he ate my heart when I was torn apart
and then gave me life again
at the time all I felt was the gnawing pain
now all I can feel is the freedom
some may call me a fool for the way that I’ve lived
but their words fall like the leaves
because it is harvest time

don’t love a thing that won’t love back
I lost it all; now I can breathe again
I’m gonna drive to a field of sunflowers
and lay down like a tiger on its back
it is harvest time


Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar

Oliver Steck: trumpet

Paul Klemperer: saxophone

Rob Halverson: upright Bass, bells

Michael “Thor” Harris: drums

Song written by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX