Hanged Man

“Key Words: congealed; end of a situation or relationship which is stuck;
letting go, giving up, surrendering; learning to see in a new way;
the necessity of breaking through old behavior patterns.”
(page 39, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

Signed her timesheets, left a note
“I’m leaving work with a sore throat”
Working sixty hours a week
Home becomes an office seat
car radios blare the fearful news
this economy has got the blues
she’s invisible- ruled by a clock
strung upside down- tied to a rock

hold on, you’ve got to hold on
you better find the space between the threads
hold on, you’ve got to hold on
xo you can make your way out of this spider’s web

she got a degree in the mail
thought she’d drunk from the holy grail
everyone wants a place to go
desperation will open that door
fluorescent lights, answering phones
her dreams are stripped to the bone
there’s just got to be something more
than being numb to the core


for nine days she won’t leave her room
the television hums out of tune
like a snake whining underneath
the old ammunition has worn out teeth
you make plans; they are never enough
you just keep on doing the same old stuff
you have to be still and close your eyes
to find the strength between the lies


been tangled in elastic time
with mumbled prayers and heavy sighs
she quit her job; she’s moving on
78 cries in a mockingbird’s song
dancing on the top of the trees
flying free high on the breeze
a long time since she’s noticed a thing
besides what’s on her computer screen



Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Oliver Steck: trumpet, organ, vocals

Rob Halverson: bass guitar, B3 organ, vocals, percussion

Chris Searles: drums and percussion

Chelle Murrey: vocals

Niki Duncan: vocals

Song by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX