“Key Words: Jupiter; new beginning, expansion,
creativity, big break-through; self-realization;
unexpected fortune.”
(page 35, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

my wine glass in empty
we’re late getting home
but I still want to be out in the night
cause when I hold the lightning in
I can still hear the thunder cry
a change will come in time

discovering you
could take a lifetime
with all the dark places we hide
I’m gonna nail the sun up in the sky
a change will come in time

circling round are Jupiter’s moons
my fortune is to be here with you
this moment’s a chance to see right through
what separates me from you

my mind forgets
what my heart knows
the milky way in the Terlingua night
the city lights are left far behind
a change will come in time
truthful words
tears fall down
there’s nothing the desert air won’t dry
let’s hold each other until sunrise
a change will come in time

maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad
these expectations, burning sand
bones and dreams, we’re just spokes in the wheel
inside out, we are bending still

you try and pack your bags
but the all the zippers are worn
there’s nothing left to do but cry
about all the stories that tear you up inside
A change will come in time


Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar

Rob Halverson: mellotron keyboard, moog keyboard

Beth Galiger: flute

Chris Searles: drums and percussion

Song by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX