The Hermit

“Key Words: Virgo; finding one’s own light; going inward;
completion, harvest; resting in one’s own center; wise guide.”
(page 33, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

sometimes I feel like the hounds are chasing me
and I can’t quiet my mind
I’ve gotta go far away
to a place all mine
sometimes I feel like no one else can see
all the ties that bind
I’ve got to break free
to search for my own light
I’ll come back
much brighter before
a single flame will light my path
and will lead me home

sometimes you look so disappointed
as I walk through the door
in those moments, there ain’t nothing I can do
to make you want me more
sometimes you’ve gotta go far away
and leave me behind
we all have a need
to search for our own light
you’ll come back
much brighter before
a single flame to light your path
and to lead you home
the kiss will be much sweeter now
the bed will be so warm
two people come together
who are strong on their own.

sometimes I feel the darkness calling me
whispering my name
I’ve gotta go and be alone
to be sane


Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar

Song written by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX