The Chariot

“Key Words: Cancer; new beginning, change for the good;
introspection, meditation, spiritual path.”
(page 29, Ziegler, Gerard. Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul)

backseat devils whispering
weighted eyelids, drifting sleep
waking up to a crooked road
hands on the wheel, driving gloves
feathered wheels in the night
black tar anger and a raven’s cry
empty seats rattle with ghosts
all the Memories I can’t leave alone
crazy ain’t gonna drive this bus no more

I’ve been hard and weathered by shame
armored with grudges, armored with blame
I gave all my power away
foggy windows, blinding rain
turn the key, engine chokes
tailpipes rattle, clouds of smoke
moving forward with a serpent’s hiss
transformed by an angel’s fist
crazy ain’t gonna drive this bus no more

gonna leave this moon behind
this cold, cold sliver of silvery quiet
a sharp morning ray of light
escapes this long dark night
gonna lay down by your side
deep breath, close my eyes
your anger is just like mine
a heavy cloud in the sky
crazy ain’t gonna drive this bus no more


Michele Solberg: vocals, acoustic guitar

Oliver Steck: trumpet, piano

Rob Halverson: upright bass, baritone guitar, vibraphone

Michael “Thor” Harris: drums

Song by Michele Solberg

Produced and Engineered by Rob Halverson at Tree World Recording, Austin TX