Michele Solberg has been performing and recording music for over 30 years in Austin, Tx and surrounding areas. Early on, her career was marked with recognition and awards, including numerous honors at the 1992-1995 Austin Music Awards. (#1 Best Tape 93-94, #2 Female Vocalist 94-95, #4 Singer-Songwriter 94-95). She also performed at the 11th Annual Austin music awards in 1993.  She attended and performed at Austin’s SXSW Music Conference from 1991 to 1998. She recorded and released seven albums.  The critics describe her voice as one of Austin’s most distinctive voices; grounded in the night- lifts the disheartened from malaise; voice hangs in your memory long after the music has stopped; a sharp, distinctive voice, making good use of strange phrasings and odd turns in pitch to create an intriguing and original style that makes her instantly recognizable.

During her seven-year residency with her husband and musical partner Oliver Steck at the Evangeline Cafe in South Austin, she has developed a repertoire of songs that include the Great American Songbook, and highly revered songwriters: Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and others.  Since 2016, she has been the featured vocalist of the Austin Benny Goodman tribute ensemble: Sammy’s Satin Sounds.

From 2006 to 2011, she played music at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House once a week. In 2006, she released Christopher House Songs, a CD that raised over $54,000 in donations for Hospice Austin. She was awarded the Greenlights’ Nonny Award in 2007 for her dedication to supporting Hospice Austin.

  • Skin (1992)
  • Shrill (1993)
  • Michele Solberg (1994, Chocolate Records)
  • Liquid (1996, Crystal Clear Records)
  • Floating (1998, self-released)
  • Beyond the Blue (2001, Chocolate Records)
  • Christopher House Songs (2006, Hospice Austin)
  • Harvest Time (2012)